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I have been an active e-Cig user for about 3 years now and CIGAVETTE is my TOP vape shop. No questions asked. Durable – long lasting products, prices that are justified by the premium quality, fantastic customer service and fast delivery. I enjoy the great flavors from CIGAVETTE and excited…

Element Vape Review

I came across Element Vape on a social media platform and decided to check it out since I was looking into getting a new starter kit. I currently use a mechanical mod and build my own coil but that became time consuming so I wanted to go with a simpler…

VaporDNA Review

If you’re in the market for every major brand in the market, the perfect place for you is VaporDNA. Simply put, they are all about selection and products. In fact, their website can almost overwhelm you with over 50 vape kit brands including their popular brands section that features tanks…

Green Smoke E-Cigarettes Review
Green Smoke, one of the most highly recognized brands available, is an immensely popular brand of e-cig in the United States. While the company is competing with V2 Cigs, they don’t feel as good in general, which is only noticeable when you compare them side-by-side. Green Smoke boasts some... Read more