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How Atomizers Work How Atomizers Work
Many people find the idea of e-cigarettes to be somewhat intimidating. The community that has risen up around this technology is often very helpful... How Atomizers Work

Many people find the idea of e-cigarettes to be somewhat intimidating. The community that has risen up around this technology is often very helpful to new vapers, but numerous misunderstandings about e-cigs persist. In fact, it some things are so confusing that anyone who is interested in vaping may be uncertain of how to get started.

When electronic cigarettes first arrived on store shelves, they were very basic and only had three parts. Indeed, they were the only option available at the time. The models that started it all consisted of just an atomizer, a battery and an e-liquid cartridge.

While this was a good start, the fact that the cartridge and atomizer were two separate units tended to cause leaks. Plus, the flavors and vapor quantity were vastly inferior to what’s available these days.

As is usually the case, the technology advanced much faster than expected. In the true fashion of technological breakthroughs, solving the leakage issue was easy: Just make the cartridge and atomizer into one sealed unit.

That said, the stand-alone atomizer wasn’t entirely out of the picture yet. It enjoyed a second wind with the sudden popularity of “dripping”, which is considered by many to be the best and purest vaping method available.

How Do Atomizers Work?
Several kinds of atomizers are available these days. Many vapers opt for cartomizers, which are cartridges that have the atomizer built in. However, there is a lot of variation within this category. Cartomizers are available as bottom-coil, dual-coil and top-coil models. Adding to the variety, these can be found in both vertical and horizontal forms. To simplify, regardless of whether the atomizer is a separate unit or part of the cartomizer, its purpose is to turn the liquid into vapor.


If you find it easy to understand technological concepts, you can think of it like this. The atomizer possesses a tiny wire that attaches to both a circuit board and power supply. A button is pushed to trigger the circuit board, channeling power to two locations. It first goes to the tiny wire that makes up the heating element. Next, power goes to a micro-pump inside the atomizer. The pump moves the liquid into the heating element, which is in another part of the atomizer. The liquid is changed to vapor as it passes through. This keeps going until you stop drawing on the e-cig or release the power button. However, this can vary between models.

Where Atomizers Are Found And What They’re Used For
In most cases, atomizers are included in two and three-piece e-cig models. The ones on two-piece models don’t normally require you to do anything with them. On the other hand, three-piece models do require some attention. In these, the atomizer is a separate unit. In any event, there is no e-cig without an atomizer.

This is a vaping method that has become increasingly popular in recent years. It’s fairly straightforward and involves dripping the liquid straight onto the atomizer. There are some downsides to this, but there are also some benefits. Here’s a look at both.

The biggest benefit vapers can experience from dripping is that the flavor of the liquid is much stronger. As long as the atomizer is kept clean, you’ll experience bolder flavor with dripping. The liquid doesn’t get a chance to spend extended period in the tank, and you don’t have to worry about mixing new and old liquid. Any liquid you’re using is completely vaporized in a session, leaving nothing behind. Vapers who consider themselves purists claim that this is the ideal vaping method.

The biggest downfall of dripping is that it tends to be highly inconvenient. You don’t get to take out your electronic cigarette and just begin vaping. Every time you want to use it, you need the space and free hands to get it all set up. If you’re not already prepared, it can prove time-consuming. There’s also the potential for getting liquid everywhere. Many vaping experts suggest wearing gloves while you’re handling the liquid. Nicotine is highly transdermally active, which means you can receive toxic dosages just through skin absorption.

Modern Use
Despite its significant disadvantages, dripping has become an extremely popular vaping method. Plenty of vapers take the flavor and quality of their liquids very seriously, and it’s the only way they’re willing to vape. There are also vapers who like to blend liquids to make custom flavors, and some even prefer to rebuild their atomizers instead of just replacing them. This hasn’t gone unnoticed by the industry, which has produced various e-cig models designed exclusively for dripping.

How Rebuildable Atomizers Gained A Cult Following
As with other things that allow for customization through modification, rebuildable atomizers have become an enormous hit among fans of dripping. The driving force behind their sudden and massive popularity is they let vapers tailor the experience to their desires. Of course, there are always folks who will do it simply because they enjoy tinkering. Rebuildable atomizers were created with these individuals in mind. They’re designed to be disassembled and to be compatible with any thickness and size of wick or wire. Fans say that rebuildable atomizers allow them to get the most potent flavor with the highest vapor content per draw.

One of the best illustrations of these methods’ intense popularity is to consider the kinds of people using them. A significant percentage of people who use the dripping method have never even smoked a traditional cigarette before. The only reason they started vaping was because they enjoyed the way it tastes and because it allowed them to create custom-built variants of what they originally paid for. The ability to alter the way the atomizers function gave them a way to design a vaping experience that most satisfies their wants and needs. These people frequently say that they’re now capable of experiencing vaping on a level that standard products could never deliver.

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