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Choosing the Right Electronic Cigarette for you Choosing the Right Electronic Cigarette for you
This page is dedicated to help beginners decide on which style and type of electronic cigarette is most suitable to quit smoking cigarettes. There... Choosing the Right Electronic Cigarette for you

This page is dedicated to help beginners decide on which style and type of electronic cigarette is most suitable to quit smoking cigarettes. There are 3 types of electronic cigarettes that are on the market and commonly used.

  1. Disposable eCig
  2. 2 piece eCig (similar design to an actual cigarette)
  3. eGo style Clearomizer
  4. e-Cig MODS

If you want to save money and get something that is right, you might consider starting with a disposable for the first time. That will allow you to get a feel on how a vape functions and feels like to use on a daily basis. I personally found that an e-Cig can mimic smoking a cigarette quite well, both vapor production and taste.

There are hundreds of brands that have the basic tobacco taste. Some can be sweet and some could be dry. You will need to try different flavors until you find the one that will satisfy you and lean off from traditional cigarettes. Another pro about these is that you can choose your nicotine level.

Assuming that you had some experience using an e-Cig and most likely continue to vape, you should looking into purchasing an actual starter kit. There are some great brands out there that are also affordable.

I personally use Cigavette as my day to day e-Cig and has been fantastic:

2 Piece e-Cig

The 2 piece cigarette style of electronic cigarette is the first type we will look into. This style is the easiest to use and maintain overall. Simply charge the bottom lithium-ion battery and twist on the cartomizer and puff away. Simple as that. This e-Cig is known to be the first generation e-Cig as it looks similar to an actual cigarette and it is compact and easy to carry around. The 2 piece (as shown above) is broken down into the battery itself and the cartomizer (known as the cartridge). The built in cartridge has an atomizer inside and this part of the unit is disposable. All cartridges come pre-filled with the nicotine level of your choice.

Inside each cartomizer, there is an atomizer that heats the e-Liquid nicotine mixture to produce the vape. If you like convenience and user friendly products, this is the one for you. No mixing, no adjusting, no mess, no worries. All the enjoyment of smoking with no odor, tar and tobacco. Kits for the 2 piece e-Cig units are very affordable now day and you can get 5 pack cartridges for as low as $6-9 depending on the brand.

eGo Style with Clearomizer

The pros about the eGo style vs the 2 piece e-Cig is that the eGo has a longer lasting battery (bigger size) and a larger tank that holds more e-Liquid. The size is bigger than the 2 piece e-Cig but there are benefits of not having to charge the battery and replace the tank as often. Another benefit of this is that there are many more flavors and brands for e-Liquids vs pre-filled cartridges. More flavors allows you to pre-fill your own tanks and switch off any time you get sick of a flavor. The biggest benefit of the eGo is having a stronger mAh (battery/voltage) that allows you to produce larger vapor with a better throat hit.

The eGo is classified as a 3 piece. It is broken down into the batter, the tank and the atomizer. The tank and atomizer are separate, as the 2 piece product has it built together. This 3 piece design is great because you can replace the atomizer when it burns out. It will give a more flavorful draw after replacing and it is cheap to replace. Even within the eGo series, there are several different types of battery sizes to match your needs.

e-Cig MODS

This is for advance users that think the eGo series does not offer enough control. These next generation e-Cigs are known as “MOD” or Modified Electronic Cigarette. When it comes to MODS, there are tanks, which hold the e-Liquid like the ego style and there are some that are called “drippers” where users drop e-Liquid right onto the atomizer to vape a few puffs.

There are fully built tanks and atomizer combinations but there are ones you can build yourself. Those are called mechanical MODS. Those are for users who want massive clouds when they vape. As far as battery MODS are concerned, the list is endless. Most offer variable volts, like eGo Twist, but also offer variable wattage.