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I have been an active e-Cig user for about 3 years now and CIGAVETTE is my TOP vape shop. No questions asked. Durable –... CIGAVETTE Review

I have been an active e-Cig user for about 3 years now and CIGAVETTE is my TOP vape shop. No questions asked. Durable – long lasting products, prices that are justified by the premium quality, fantastic customer service and fast delivery. I enjoy the great flavors from CIGAVETTE and excited to see what they will come up with the upcoming year!



This starter kit is part of the ‘ULTIMATE’ series and truly a great product for beginners. The set includes (2) premium 650mAh batteries (Black or Stainless Steel), (10) premium cartridges with your choice of flavor and nicotine level and (1) USB and Wall INTELLA Charger set.  CIGAVETTE is currently having a promotion for this kit. The original price is $149.95 but they are selling it for $79.95. That is a GREAT value for all the items the kit provides. The vape production is solid for a 650mAh and it is a huge benefit that they include two batteries so you have one on the go while the other one is charging. I currently use the ‘Light’ cartridge at 12mg.

I used to smoke about half a pack a day and this is more than enough for me. I switch off from 6mg and 12mg based on my needs. I find the battery life longer lasting than a 900mAh from other companies. The battery from CIGAVETTE allows me to vape throughout the whole day and more so I have not had any issues yet. Another thing I find great about this kit is that the (10) premium cartridges lasts a long time. Each hit is just the right amount of nicotine intake. In simple terms, it means that the vape production of the mod is perfect. Unlike other batteries, ‘ULTRA’ has an LED tip that lights up, which I find it to be a cool feature that stands out. I am truly satisfied with the product and still currently using it without any issues.



I wanted to see what the difference was between the ‘ULTRA’ set and ‘MEGA’ set so I gave this one a try as well. This set includes (2) ‘MEGA’ 1300mAh batteries (which is double the ‘ULTRA’ at 650mah), (10) ‘MEGA’ premium cartridges (which is actually the biggest pre-filled cartridge in the world) and it also comes with a USB/Wall charger along with a nice carry case. What I love most about the ‘MEGA’ set is the vape production and long battery life. The ‘MEGA’ batteries have five times the power and strength compared to other e-Cigs. I find this kit useful for those that stress about the battery dying out on you when it is most needed. One full charge will last you several days even with active usage. The ‘ULTRA’ has two battery colors to choose from but the ‘MEGA’ only comes in black. The full retail price for the ‘MEGA’ set is $199.95 but they are currently doing a great promotion selling it at $99.95. It may seem a bit pricey but for (2) 1300mAh and the 10 cartridges, it is worth the investment in my opinion. This is one of the best purchases I have made.


Customer Service:

CIGAVETTE has one of the best customer services that I have experienced in the ecommerce world. I actually contacted them three to four times and each experience was positive. I had few questions regards to the starter kit I purchased and the representative I spoke with offered to walk me through it step by step with no hesitation. There is no hassle on receiving assistance. CIGAVETTE has assistance via phone call and online. All buyers/users are offered a 30-day money back guarantee and an amazing lifetime replacement warranty. I explored many other Vape/e-Cig stores and this amazing policy is not common. The guarantee really shows confidence in their products and allows users to feel great about the purchase. You have to love the confidence CIGAVETTE has and the genuine care about customer satisfaction.


I can’t say enough on the quality of the Ultimate Ultra and Mega sets. It’s the top of it’s class. From the products to the customer service, you’re in a win-win. Use code “FREESHIP” for free shipping on orders over $50 at checkout, happy vaping!


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Summary: CIGAVETTE is my TOP vape shop. No questions asked. Durable – long lasting products.